Risk Management Programs & Services

NCSBA offers superior risk management protection to the majority of public school districts in North Carolina through the NCSBT Funds.

The Risk Management staff works diligently to ensure timely processing of claims, open and continuous communication, and fair resolutions. See descriptions of each Fund below, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like a no obligation coverage proposal!


The Workers’ Compensation Fund provides members with statutory workers’ compensation coverage for their locally and federally funded workers’ compensation exposures. This Fund includes coverage for school districts’ proportionate share of their local workers’ compensation exposures on split-fund claims. The Fund also provides employers’ liability coverage for claims against school districts for employee injury or illness allegedly caused by the school district’s negligence. NCSBT has partnered with PMA Management Corp. (PMA) to serve as third-party-administrator in handling claims through this Fund. PMA has expertise in the area of workers’ compensation and has worked with NCSBT and North Carolina school districts for years handling workers’ compensation claims, including split-fund claims. This program also offers high-deductible plans and is assisting members through loss prevention and return to work programs to comply with state mandates.


Through this Fund, NCSBT provides the majority of North Carolina school districts with the risk management protection they need when faced with lawsuits against their districts, boards of education, or board of education members.  Errors & Omissions coverage primarily covers liabilities arising out of alleged violations of employee or student rights, and General Liability coverage provides coverage for bodily injury liability arising out of the operation and maintenance of school premises and/or school programs.  This Fund automatically includes no-fault coverage (“medical expense”) for eligible accidental injury claims of school guests and students. The medical expense coverage is provided at no additional cost to members of this Fund.


The Automobile/Inland Marine Fund provides coverage for claims arising out of the operation of non-yellow buses and vehicles owned and used by the school district, including vehicles borrowed, rented, or leased by the district.  Coverage is also provided for authorized yellow school bus uses that are not subject to the North Carolina State Tort Claims Act.  School district employees have excess coverage while using their own vehicles for school district business.  Inland Marine coverage is also available for members wishing to have coverage for certain miscellaneous property.

*Coverage provided through the NCSBT Funds does not duplicate any state-funded liability coverage for North Carolina public school employees.

~Coverage for any given claim is determined based on the applicable coverage agreement.