Errors & Omissions/General Liability Fund

The majority of North Carolina school districts are members of NCSBT’s Errors & Omissions/General Liability Fund. This fund provides the risk management protection members need when confronted with lawsuits against the school district, board of education, or board of education members. Errors & Omissions coverage primarily provides coverage for liabilities arising out of alleged violations of employee or student rights. General Liability provides coverage for bodily injury liability arising out of the operation and maintenance of school premises and/or school programs. This program also provides an excess no-fault medical expense reimbursement coverage (“medical expense”) for eligible accidental injury claims of school guests and students. 


  • Liability coverage tailored exclusively to the needs of North Carolina school districts
  • Boards of education preserve their governmental immunity from suit, unlike when they purchase commercial insurance—a critical advantage given the prevalence of litigation against school districts
  • Member districts have peace of mind that they will be defended by some of North Carolina’s top-rated education and defense lawyers with the expertise needed to handle the specific issues involved in school litigation
  • Medical expense coverage extends to school guests AND students – includes coverage for student athletic injuries
  • Coverage for sexual acts and abuse liability
  • Coverage for cyber liability
  • Coverage for drone liability for exposures arising from scheduled drones
  • Supplemental Cyber Reimbursement
  • Optional law enforcement liability coverage
  • UNLIMITED defense coverage for cases involving non-monetary claims (i.e., declaratory judgment, injunction, charter school funding cases), unlike insurance policies which may contain defense aggregates or sub-limits
  • UNLIMITED defense coverage in contract dispute litigation, including costly construction contract disputes which are often excluded or limited by commercial insurance policies

*Coverage provided through the NCSBT Funds does not duplicate any state-funded liability coverage for North Carolina public school employees.

~Coverage for any given claim is determined based on the applicable coverage agreement.

Active Shooter Workplace Violence Crisis Response Group Insurance Policy

NCSBT has purchased an Active Shooter Workplace Violence Crisis Response Group Insurance Policy as an added benefit for school districts that participate in the Errors and Omissions/General Liability Fund, at no additional cost to its members.